image of two men holding hands on Heldenplatz in Vienna

Einheit 2: Das Zusammensein

This unit is still under construction, so we ask for your patience. But there is already a lot of useful information here, so use what you can!

Lektion 1Wiederholung: FamilieReview of verbs in the present tense
Review of composite words (Komposita)
Lektion 2Zusammensein mit der FamilieReview of irregular verbs in the present tense
Review of possessive adjectives
Lektion 3Patchworkfamilienthe present perfect tense (das Perfekt)
Lektion 4Zusammensein mit FreundInnenthe present perfect tense (das Perfekt)
the simple past of haben, sein, werden
Lektion 5Freundschaftder-words
Lektion 6Freunde und Bekannte
(still to come)
review of possessive adjectives
review of case
Lektion 7Vienna Pride
(still to come)
review of case, der-words, possessive adjectives