Lektion 10: Erweiterung


Days of the Week

Review the days of the week and memorize them!



German Calendar

Take a look again at the image of the 2018 calendar to the left. What do you notice about how it’s laid out? Yup, that’s right: German calendars tend to start the week with Mondays instead of Sundays, the way most calendars in the US do. This convention is really important to know—particularly if you use any German online calendars to purchase tickets or make reservations.

Note, too, the simplified abbreviations you see here: each day is abbreviated by its first letter. The more typical abbreviations include the first two letters of the day rather than just one letter. Thus, you will typically see Mo for Montag, Di for Dienstag, Mi for Mittwoch, and so on.

While you’re looking at the calendar, note that you can see the months of the year, too. You’ll work with these a bit more in a later lesson, but feel free to start memorizing them. As you certainly notice, the months are very similar to the months in English.






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Write an email to a friend describing your semester and your studies. Outline which courses you are taking, which courses you have each day, and which course is your favorite. Include any ideas you may have about your major and minor as well.

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die Biologie, (no pl)
die Chemie, (no pl)
die Fremdsprache, -n
die Geographie, (no pl)
die Geologie, (no pl)
die Geschichte, -n
das Hauptfach, -¨er
die Informatik, (no pl)
internationale Beziehungen
die Kunst, -¨e
die Kunstgeschichte, (no pl)
der Kurs, -e
die Linguistik, (no pl)
die Literatur, -en
die Mathematik, (no pl)
die Musik, (no pl)
das Nebenfach, -¨er
die Philosophie, -n
die Physik, (no pl)
die Politikwissenschaft, -en
die Psychologie, (no pl)
das Semester, –
die Soziologie, (no pl)
der Tag, -e
die Wirtschaftswissenschaft, -en
die Wissenschaft, -en



Adjectives and Adverbs


Other Useful Words and Phrases

als Hauptfach studiere ich __________
Ich studiere an der X University / an dem X College.

Days of the week:

Samstag or Sonnabend

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