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Einheit 1: Einführung

Welcome to Grenzenlos Deutsch! Although this curriculum is designed to be flexible in the way that each instructor orders and sequences the material, we suggest that you start with this unit, because it provides some of the basic vocabulary and structures necessary for learning German from scratch.

This unit introduces the basics of German vocabulary and grammar. Students will learn how to introduce themselves and how to describe their families, friends, homes, and hobbies. Students will also learn fundamental German vocabulary, including the days of the week, colors, and the numbers 1 through 1000.


Lektion 1EinführungWhat is ß?
Conjugating verbs
Lektion 2zählen 1 (numbers from 1-20)the verb “haben”
definite and indefinite articles
plural of nouns
Lektion 3Familiethe verb “haben”
personal pronouns
direct objects
regular verbs
Lektion 4das Alphabetregular verbs
Lektion 5zählen 2 (numbers from 21-1000)the verb “sein”
Lektion 6Hobbysregular verbs
gern/nicht gern
Lektion 7Farbenpossessive adjectives
Lektion 8Personen beschreibenpossessive adjectives
Lektion 9Freundeverbs
Lektion 10Studiumverbs
days of the week
ZusammenfassungZusammenfassungOpportunities to demonstrate proficiency