Einheit 1: Zusammenfassung



Can-Do Statements

I can identify and briefly describe various plants and animals, and where they can be found, both when writing and speaking.

I can talk/write simple sentences about the weather.

I talk/write about my experiences with nature in a simple way.

I can understand simple spoken texts about weather and nature.

I can find information about nature in simple texts.

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  1. Look at each of the panels and note details. Do you understand what is happening? Could you give a brief summary?
  2. Generate a list of vocabulary to use for each panel. This will help with generating descriptions and narrations.
  3. Tell the story with as much detail as you can. Wo is dong what, where, when, how?
  4. Create with language! Where could you add direct speech? How could you integrate emotions?
  5. How can you frame your story? How do you create an introduction and an end? What is the title