Einheit 1: Stadt und Natur

Lektion 1TiereTwo-way prepositions
Lektion 2PflanzenImperative forms
Lektion 3WildnisImperative forms
Lektion 4StadtnaturZu, um… zu, modal verbs that use infinitive in English
Lektion 5Wettercomparative/superlative
Lektion 6KlimaParticiples (passive comprehension)


Welcome to the Unit on the Environment and Sustainability!

Our learning goals include learning the names of animals and plants in urban environments and in nature. We will learn to describe and narrate about how humans, animals, and plants interact. Talking about the weather and hearing people share stories about their observations of changes in the climate over time is an important topic in this unit. We will remind ourselves to be mindful of the various and diverse needs of plants, animals, and people sharing the planet.



We will get to know four characters who keep us company on our journey of teaching and learning. (Add mini-bios for all four once we know who they are and what they do?









Talia 32.  is from a large family. Is aunt to 27 nephews and nieces. She is married and is currently pregnant with her first child. Her husband shares custody for his kids: boy 10 and girl 13. The kids met neighborhood kids around the garden and got her involved, esp on weekends. She is a teacher in Waldkindergarten. She did and Ausbildung als Kindergätnerin. Wants to continue education and takes course at Volkshochschule at night.

As a kid she did all the sorting of Verpackungen rather than the dishes. She likes the outdoors and likes riding her bike to work.


Daniel 76:  has been hiking in the Austrian Alps for over 60 years and worries about glaciers melting. Birgit invites him to join in the Nachbarschaftsgarten and work with bees. His grandfather was a bee keeper and he worked with him. He now revives his interest in Nachbarschaftsgarten.

He retired from being a metallworker in Münze österreich. Daniel has adult kids. One of them, Christoph,  is dating Sedar. Daniel is happy! Some others should not know.. like Birgit.


Birgit: is 71.  organizes a Nachbarschaftsgarten, is into doing the things she can. Invites Daniel to help in Nachbarschaftsgarten. Birgit likes cool days and has pets. She “finds” those pets: A small dog, einen kleinen Dackel named Ranja. She is an 68er. She started studyin in Berlin. Knows Rudi Dutschke. One date only. In Berlin she lived in a WG. She wanted change. BerlinSie studied Design at Akademie für angewandte Kunst in Wien. She is retired after a career of doing graphic design for a political party – finding meaning – SPÖ
She lives in a culturally divers neighborhood in Vienna, Ottakring. Started Neighborhood garden. Is recruiting volunteers for plants, bees, etc.

She likes her own space. Lives by herself with pets. Had relationships with people in her political party. Large circle of friends. She knows what is going on with the neighborhood people. In a good way. She a broken hip and has restricted mobility. Walks with cane.



Sedar 45, and gay. Partially out. Dates Danie’s son. He works with Langzeitarbeitslose who helped build the containers for the Neighborhood garden. That’s where he met Daniels’ son Christoph. He has a great voice and sings in a choir. Sometimes he sings with the neighborhood kids + guitar and teaches them songs in different languages.


Recommended Additional Media

You may wish to view films, read short texts, or listen to music related to the topics covered in this module. Here are some suggested texts that you might consider:

Apfelbäume. Directed by Helma Sanders-Brahms. Alert Film. 1992.
Das blaue Licht.  Directed by Leni Riefenstahl.  Leni Riefenstahl-Produktion.  1932.
Nordwand.  Directed by Phillipp Stölzl. Dor Film-West Produktionsgesellschaft. 2008.