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Einheit 1: Körper und Gesellschaft

Welcome to Unit One of Soziale Gerechtigkeit [=social justice]! This unit introduces physical health and wellness. Students will learn how to describe the human body, their daily routines, illness, and fitness. Students will also learn about disability, accessibility, and gender in German-speaking cultures. The grammar of this unit reviews previous structures and covers gender in relation to grammar and pronouns in-depth.

Lektion 1Der KörperReflexive Pronouns
Verbs with Separable Prefixes
Lektion 2KrankheitDirect and Indirect Objects
Verbs with Dative Objects
Lektion 3Gesundheit und WellnessCoordinating Conjunctions
Modal Verbs
Lektion 4Behinderung und BarrierefreiheitImperative
Lektion 5Geschlecht und GenderGrammatical Gender
Pronouns and Gender Neutral Pronouns
Gender and Plurals