Einheit 1: Zusammenfassung

What can I do?

Lektion 1

I can identify different modes of transportation.
I can talk about my preferences for travel.
I can describe my interactions with transportation in the city.

Lektion 2

I can read signs at train station.
I can understand simple announcements at the train station and on the subway.
I can ask basic questions requesting information at the train station (yes/no and Fragewörter).
I can tell the time and read a clock.

Lektion 3

I can talk about preparations for a trip.
I can describe different types of travel.
I can read authentic travel information

Lektion 4

I can make comparisons.
I can read a hotel advertisement.
I can express location.
I can identify different accommodations.
I can state what is important to me.

Lektion 5

I can plan a tourist visit to a city.
I can read a map and navigate around the city.
I can talk about location specific activities.

Lektion 6

I can talk about specific dates using ordinal numbers.
I can talk about destinations.
I can identify surrounding areas of German-speaking world.
I can read/write a brief email.
I can talk about preferences.


eine Reise nach Wien

Frame 1: Person arrives at airport; Frame 2: Person checks into the hotel; Frame 3: Person sits at an outdoor cafe; Frame 4: Person visits Schoenbrunn palace; Frame 5: Person eats schnitzel at a restaurant’ Frame 6: Person boards a train at the train station and waves good-bye.