Einheit 1: Reisen und Urlaub

Willkommen bei dem Thema “Reisen und Transport”! In this unit we will begin looking at ways German speakers travel on a daily basis, the ins and outs of travel and transportation in Europe, the types of vacations and travel undertaken by German speakers, as well as navigating around the city.

Überblick der Einheit

LektionenThemen und WortschatzStrukturen
1: Verkehrsmittelmeans of transportation
verbs related to travel
verbs with separable prefixes
Review: present tense
2: am Bahnhofexploring the train station
understanding time and train schedules
expressions of time
question words: wohin, wie, wann, wo
3: Reiseartenwhy one travels
what to bring
review: adjectives
review: modal verbs
4: Unterkunfttypes of accommodations
selecting a hotel

dative prepositions (bei/in)
5: Sehenswürdigkeitenlandmarks and sites of interest in the city
getting around the city
two-way prepositions (dative)
word order (V2)
6: Reisetourenspecialty tours
geography and country names
statistics on favorite destinations for German speakers
months and ordinal numbers
7: ZusammenfassungBildgeschichte