Haupteingang zum Wiener Hauptbahnhof

Einheit 1: Reisen und Urlaub

Willkommen bei dem Thema “Reisen und Transport”! In this unit we will begin looking at ways German speakers travel on a daily basis, the ins and outs of travel and transportation in Europe, the types of vacations and travel undertaken by German speakers, as well as navigating around the city. Students will learn how to navigate the city, use various modes of transportation, and how to find accommodations. Students will also learn the basics of European geography and country names. This unit’s grammar continues to expand on basic grammar structures, and introduces expressions of time, months, and ordinal numbers.

Lektion 1Verkehrsmittelverbs with separable prefixes
Review: present tense
Lektion 2am Bahnhofexpressions of time
question words: wohin, wie, wann, wo
Lektion 3Reiseartenreview: adjectives
review: modal verbs
Lektion 4Unterkunftcomparative
dative prepositions (bei/in)
Lektion 5Sehenswürdigkeitentwo-way prepositions (dative)
word order (V2)
Lektion 6Reisetourenmonths and ordinal numbers
ZusammenfassungEinheit 1: Zusammenfassung und Bildgeschichte