map of part of the first district of Vienna

Einheit 3: Sozial wohnen

Welcome to Unit Three of Ort: in der Stadt und auf dem Land! This unit expands upon community and how we live with one another. Students will learn about neighbors and memorials, as well as specific topics related to the city, such as city districts and navigation. The grammar sections of this unit review previous sections.

Lektion 1NachbarschaftReview of genitive
Lektion 2StadtviertelReview of two-way prepositions with dative
Lektion 3Wege beschreibenReview of two-way prepositions with accusative
Prepositions for giving directions: an/vorbei, gegenüber, entlang
Hin und her
Lektion 4
Denkmäler: Ort und ErinnerungReview of past tense (present perfect and imperfect/simple past)