Apartment building with balconies

Einheit 1: Wohnen

Welcome to Unit One of Ort: in der Stadt und auf dem Land! This unit introduces German living. Students will learn how to describe the rooms, furniture, and chores of their homes. They will also learn the different kinds of housing, and how to describe the moving process. The grammar of this unit focuses on prepositions and how they relate to case.

Lektion 1Mein LieblingszimmerReview of question words
Review of verbs
Lektion 2MöbelReview of prepositions
Two-way prepositions with dative
Lektion 3WohngebäudeTwo-way prepositions with dative
Direct and indirect objects
Lektion 4WegeTwo-way prepositions with accusative
Lektion 5UmziehenTwo-way prepositions with accusative
Review of accusative case
Lektion 6HausarbeitSeparable prefix verbs
Review of compound words