farmhouse with outbuildings in front of hill

Einheit 2: Zusammen wohnen

Welcome to unit two of Ort: in der Stadt und auf dem Land! In this Einheit you’ll be reviewing many structures and learning some new ones, as well as expanding on the concept of wohnen from the first unit. How do people live together—with their families or with others? How do people describe their hometowns and the places where they live? How often do people move and how do they describe that process?

This unit expands upon the home and how people live with one another. Students will learn how to describe where they live, with whom they live, home maintenance, and the moving process. The grammar sections of this unit reviews previous structures and introduces relative clauses and TMP.

Lektion 1HeimatbeschreibungReview of two-way prepositions with dative
Review of comparative: gern/lieber
Lektion 2Familie und WohnenDative prepositions
Lektion 3Eine WohngemeinschaftRelative pronouns and clauses
Lektion 4Eine WG gründen und einrichtenReview perfect tense
Review separable prefix verbs
Lektion 5Umzug und MobilitätRelative clauses with prepositions
Lektion 6WohnortReview adjectives
Adjectives vs adverbs
TMP (Time, Manner, Place)