Einheit 1: Zusammenfassung

Can Do Statements

General ACTFL Can-Do Statements for Intermediate Low

I can identify the main idea in short conversations.
I can request and provide information in conversations on familiar topics by creating simple sentences and asking appropriate follow-up questions.
I can interact with others to meet my basic needs in familiar situations by creating simple sentences and asking appropriate follow-up questions.
I can express, ask about, and react with some details to preferences, feelings, or opinions on familiar topics, by creating simple sentences and asking appropriate follow-up questions.



I can write an email or letter to a friend describing my housing and asking appropriate questions about their own.

I can write and understand email communications to rent an apartment or vacation home.

I can write and read an inventory of furniture and indicate what I have and what I still need.

I can understand and summarize simple statistics comparing home ownership in different countries.

I can use a mapping app to figure out the distance to various locations in the neighborhood.



I can follow a simple description of a room and of where furniture is located or place.

I can follow and participate in a simple discussion of living situations and living preferences. (I can interact to share ideas about where I would prefer to live and why.)

I can follow simple directions of how to get somewhere in the neighborhood.

I can follow simple explanations of the steps of a cleaning process.

I can understand and describe different apartment/house layouts and answer/pose follow-up questions.


Intercultural Understanding

I can identify some regional linguistic variations.

I have a general understanding about how some cultural practices shape linguistic expression.


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Move-in Day: someone moving in to a new apartment.

Title: Yasmin zieht in eine neue Wohnung ein

step one: clean empty apartment

step two: clean the bathroom

step three: move bed into bedroom

step four: move night table into the bedroom & place next to bed

step five: move sofa into living room & place under window

step six: move rug into the living room & place in front of sofa

step seven: unpack boxes of dishes in the kitchen & place into open cabinet doors

step eight: sit on sofa looking happy & exhausted


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Work with Pictures


Apartment Layouts

Illustrations of different apartment layouts: have them select one and describe it



The following slideshow provides a visual overview of this Einheit. The photos are meant as prompts for speaking and writing activities or assessment.


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